Our courses

Get ready for some wild adventures !

We provide you with the opportunity to do a physical activity without any training, you will :

  • Enjoy a secure environment while keeping your freedom of movement
  • Discover the rich biodiversity of the forest
  • Experience high and fast feelings and overcome your fears
  • Evolve in an adapted course for everyone
  • Discover the park’s map here  

Hermine Tyro

Tyro : adventure routes


On your way, you will find games called “activities” like snakesAtelier, monkey bridges, weighbridgesPont, barels, walking nets, zip wires,
climbing wallsMur, hanging swings, waves, ropes, swinging logs, pommel horses, footbriges, chinese footbridges, slack-lines, swinging buoys, slides, beams…

Children’s route, for three years olds

4 courses one meter above the ground including a huge zip wire


For the tallers than 1m10

Routes are available for the whole family : a minimum size is necessary for every of our courses, there is a measuring rod at the start of every courses. Routes are ordered in an increasing difficulty level, it is highly recommanded to do the courses in this order

Sport clothes and  closed shoes are mandatory 

Mimnimum size : 1m10
Height : from 2m to 2m50
Our first course is made of 11 activities like a rolling game, footbridges, zipwires …
Minimum size : 1m20
Height : from 3 to 4 meters
You will face some additional difficulties, our second course is made of 10 activities including a weighbridge, footbridge, zip wires …
Minimum size : 1m30
Height : from 6m to 7m
This third course increases in difficulties, in fact it is made of 11 activities like the swing, pommel horse, climbing sleeper and much more !!


Minimum size : 1m40
Height : from 8m to 10m
The red course is the most impressive, if you pass the first ones, you will have to face 9 obstacles like the swinging buoy, net, weighbridge and a lot more to discover !

100% Zip wire

Minimum size : 1m20


6 zip wires including a 60 meters zip-line for the sliding fans !

Mega Zip wire

Minimum size : 1m40 


After crossing the nets, you will reach a 13.50 meters height and … Go for a 150 meters of pure adrenaline
Older than 14 years old


For the braves looking for heights, this course goes up to 19 meters ! At the crown of the trees, come discover our 13 activities including a flying skate, climbing wall and a lot of zip wires